Bravilor Bonamat B40 L/R Round Filtering Machine

  • Brands Blizzard
  • Product Code: BRAVILOR BONAMAT
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• Connection for mains water supply ¾ inch.
• Direct brewing into removable containers.
• Fitted with a control panel with LCD display, descaling system, total & daily counters, coffee-ready signal, built-in clock & optimum safety mechanisms.
• Includes brewing column, container type VHG, filter units, base & drip tray.
• 1 brewing system & 1 container of 40 litres (left or right from the column.

Holding Capacity: 40 litres.

Throughput Per Hour: 145 litres (1160 cups).

Brewing Time: 17 minutes/40 litres.

Water Supply: Yes.

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