FriFri Basic+ 422 Freestanding Twin Tank Electric Fryer

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Basic+ is a simple-to-use, robust & reliable free standing fryer built for the busiest & most demanding kitchens.

• Electronic thermocouple control maintains oil temperature to +/- 1°C giving improved food quality & extended oil life.
• 2 high temperature cut outs for additional safety.
• 150 to 190°C temp range set by rotary control knob in increments of 5°C for greater cooking accuracy.
• Additional temperature control between 80 & 140°C.
• Unique high performance multi-coil element extends oil life & ensures rapid recovery time.
• 2 hinged tilt positions & safety microswitch for easy tank access & cleaning.
• Fully pressed, seamless, tank for easy cleaning.
• Manufactured fully from 304 stainless steel for long service life.
• Stand-by feature reduces energy usage during quiet periods.
• 2 stage filter system extends the working life of oil.
• Water resistance rating IPX5 to protect against water ingress while cleaning.
• All Basic+ fryers have the option of an oil pump to easily return filtered oil to the tank - POA.

Chips Per Hour: 2 x 17 - 22kg.

Capacity: 2 x 7.5 - 9 litres.

Weight: 90kg.

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