Kenwood Cooking Chef Mixer KCC9060S

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Combining the dual benefits of powerful planetary mixing alongside efficient induction cooking, the Kenwood KCC9060S Cooking Chef is an essential addition to the domestic kitchen. From slow cooking in the bowl to simply mixing up a mayonnaise, the Kenwood has it all in a single appliance, saving space and time. 23 pre-programmed settings allow a huge variety of both savoury and sweet dishes, making the whole process simple and fast.

Product features

  • Dimensions 370(H) x 400(W) x 345(D)mm
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Supplier Model Number KCC9060S
  • Warranty 1 Year Non-Commercial
  • Weight 12.88kg
  • Slow Speed Outlet - Features the new Twist Fit slow Speed outlet, compatible with all KAX attachments to create more with your machine
  • 6.7Ltr capacity with a 3Ltr working capacity serves up to 10 people
  • 20°C - 180°C temperature range for more cooking versatility and precision
  • Safe, clean and highly efficient induction cooking
  • Features high speed outlet for attachment versatility, including KAH647PL and KAH358GL
  • More cooking versatility with high and low power heating for quick heat dishes and delicate sauces
  • Over 20 pre-programmed settings that automatically change temperature, adjust stir intervals and power to create a range of dishes including risotto, casseroles, choux pastry, creme patisserie, and more
  • New and improved intuitive display screen
  • 8 hour timer
  • Stir setting with various interval times to suit recipe preparing

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