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Gram 22kg Blast Chiller KPS 21 CH


Save time and space in your establishment with the assistance of this gastronorm compatible Gram Blast Chiller, a high performance cooling unit for hygienically preserving batches of meals. With the c..

Gram 22kg/13kg Blast Chiller/Freezer KPS 21 SH


Add versatility to your kitchen food storage with this multifunctional blast chiller/freezer from Gram, giving you the option to provide frozen storage for up to 13kg of food or mass chilling for 22kg..

Gram 347Ltr Chest Freezer CF 35 S


A top quality professional chest freezer, the Gram CF 35 S boasts an impressive 347Ltrs of frozen storage capacity and an incredibly strong stainless steel lid. The reinforced lockable lid is sturdy e..

Gram 447Ltr Chest Freezer CF 45 S


The Gram CF45S chest freezer brings impressive commercial performance and extensive frozen food capacity to the professional kitchen. Designed for efficiency, convenience and reliability, the CF45S fe..

Gram 45kg Blast Chiller KPS 42 CH


Retain your meal's texture, flavour and consistency whilst ensuring optimal levels of hygiene with this commercial Blast Chiller from Gram. Drawing in cool air from ground level, this unit continues t..

Gram 45kg Blast Chiller KPS 42 CH R


Streamline your kitchen's efficiency with use of this Gram 45kg Blast Chiller, a device that allows you to prepare fresh meals several hours or a day in advance without compromising the food's texture..

Gram 45kg/27kg Blast Chiller/Freezer KPS 42 SH


Keep best-selling meals in bulk ready for peak times using a Gram Blast Chiller/Freezer, efficient and ideal for both the chilling of large meals or the freezing of other ingredients for future use. W..

Gram 45kg/27kg Blast Chiller/Freezer KPS 42 SH R


A comprehensive storage space for mass cooling and freezing, this Blast Chiller/Freezer provides a rapid and precise method of hygienically preserving large quantities of meals or ingredients. Particu..

Gram 527Ltr Chest Freezer CF 53 S


Provide ample space for frozen meals, desserts, ingredients and sauces with use of this commercial Gram Chest Freezer, capable of holding up to 504 litres of food for frozen storage. The unit can be l..

Showing 1 to 9 of 64 (8 Pages)