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Classeq Eco 1 Glasswasher ECO1


    60 glasses/hr. Gravity Drain Minimise the time, cost and energy your business spends on washing with the compact Classeq ECO1 Glasswasher. With a rapid turnover of 360 pint glas..

Classeq Eco 1 Glasswasher ECO1P


360 glasses/hr. Drain Pump A perfect glasswasher for smaller venues, the Classeq ECO 1 provides quick and convenient under counter access to your freshly washed glassware. The machine is very easy ..

Classeq Eco 2 Glasswasher ECO2


480 glasses/hr. Gravity Drain Ensure consistent cleaning for your glassware with the Classeq Eco 2 Glasswasher, capable of thoroughly washing up to 480 glasses per hour. Thanks to the machine¿s com..

Classeq Eco 2 Glasswasher ECO2P


480 glasses/hr. Drain Pump A comprehensive commercial glasswasher, the Classeq Eco improves your kitchen efficiency by washing up to 480 pint glasses every hour both quickly and thoroughly. An inte..

Classeq Eco 3 Glasswasher ECO3


750 glasses/hr. Drain Pump By utilising the latest washing technology, the Classeq Eco 3 Glasswasher provides an exceptional output within a limited footprint. Built to satisfy the needs of larger ..

Classeq Glasswasher G350


  Whether you're washing hi-ball, wine or pint glasses, the compact Classeq G350 glasswasher is the ideal solution for small pubs, cafes and restaurants. Able to effectively wash and rinse up ..

Classeq Glasswasher G350P


Ideal for smaller venues, the Classeq G350P Commercial Glasswasher provides user-friendly rapid glasswashing results for up to 360 glasses per hour. Designed to be compact yet powerful, the glasswashe..

Classeq Glasswasher G400


Compact and reliable, the Classeq G400 Commercial Glasswasher produces excellent, consistent glasswashing results - ideal for smaller pubs, restaurants and cafés. Simple to use, clean and maintain, th..

Classeq Glasswasher G400 Duo


The advanced compact Classeq G400 Duo Glasswasher allows you to effectively and quickly wash large quantities of glassware (up to 640 glasses per hour) with superbly sparkling results. Designed for ef..

Showing 1 to 9 of 26 (3 Pages)