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As heavy duty as they come, this compact microwave from Menumaster upholds a reputation amongst fast..
£ 650.00
 Menumaster Heavy Duty Microwave, a sturdy and reliable cooking appliance for fast food and hig..
£ 705.00
Power: 5.7kW, 32A. 2200W Microwave / 2000W Convection. With Catalytic Converter Provide the meals..
£ 6,180.00
Ensure a varied platter of foods is cooked equally well and in minimal time with this Large Cavity M..
£ 640.00
Operating faster and to a higher quality than domestic counterparts, this Light Duty Manual Microwav..
£ 189.00
enumaster Light Duty Microwave holds an impressive 23 litre worth of space, with a multiple quantity..
£ 250.00